We welcome questions and offer an initial free 15-minute consultation to answer all your questions.

Clinical hours are Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 9am-6pm, some weekends may be scheduled if schedule permits. New patients can set up a complementary 15 minute consultation through our scheduling software.

If you are interested in becoming a new patient please contact our office and we will follow up with you to clarify the intake forms to fill out and schedule a time to meet.

We will set up a complimentary 15 minimum consultation to go over your case. The initial visit appointment will be scheduled then and an email will be sent to you with relevant health care forms to be completed and sent back to us 48 hours before the appointment.

During the initial consultation a medical history that includes information of you current state of health, health history, family history, nutrition, and lifestyle will be gathered. At that time information about lifestyle modification and any additional laboratory workup that is needed will be discussed. This visit will last approximately 90 minutes. If labs are needed, they will be ordered and the next appointment will be set up when the results are in. This appointment will last approximately 60 minutes.

Follow up appointments after that are usually scheduled in approximately 4-8 weeks and may be with me, the nutritionist and/or the health coach. During these appointments we will evaluate your progress and make any needed adjustments. These visits are generally 30-45 minutes.

Under my Acupuncture License the Functional Medicine visits and labs are not billable through insurance, Medicare or Medicaid
Health Saving Accounts can be used to pay for health care consultation. 

Photo by: Shifaaz Shamoon