Because we are all unique, everyone’s treatment plans are individualized to that person’s needs.

North Node Approach


At North Node Health we view the system as a whole and approach healing by looking at the entire person. With lab diagnostics, we can gain deeper insight into how well a body is processing and functioning and what changes and additions need to be made to restore balance. These additions can include lifestyle changes, exercise, and supplements to help the body heal itself.

Functional Medicine is a scientific approach using health history and laboratory testing to assess the body’s function.  We follow the methodology set in place by the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Kalish Method of Dr. Daniel Kalish, the leader in Functional Medicine education whose program has been completed by top practitioners in the country.

Head shot of Dr. Anahita Forati Functional Medicine doctor.

How It Works

The initial visit is usually the longest and will require filling out a detailed health history prior to meeting with Dr. Forati. This gives her the ability to listen carefully, take detailed notes, and make connections to symptoms and conditions you’ve been suffering from in order to recommend the appropriate lab tests for evaluation.

We offer the convenience of virtual care for all our Functional Medicine appointments.  In person visits can be arranged for patients who live in the area.

Whether you prefer teleconferencing or by phone, North Node Health will tailor their approach based on your preference.

Body Systems

The Kalish Method of Functional Medicine assesses the three major body systems using state of the art lab testing. The three body systems are:


In order to get a proper assessment of the three body systems, specific labs ate ordered at the initial stage of treatment in order to develop a comprehensive health plan. All the labs will be explained in detail as to their reasons and what information can be garnered from them.

Treatment plan

Once the lab results have arrived the treatment plan for the patient is developed that includes nutrition, lifestyle and targeted herbs/ supplements. We will go over the plan and explain the logic behind it. Appointments will be scheduled to go over treatment plans and patients can reach out and schedule additional time to address their questions. Treatment plans are usually for 6 months when we retest labs and fine tune the treatment plan.

Background Photo by: Eugene Golovesov